Amazon of Europe Bike Trail – Attractions


Embark on your cycling tour in Prelog and through eastern Međimurje area enter Podravina near Legrad, a village not far from the picturesque confluence of the Mura and Drava rivers. Explore the pristine nature of the Drava river basin and enjoy the most scenic views of the river and the romantic lakes. Finish the day in the historical town of Koprivnica where you can indulge in traditional Podravina dishes and great wines from the surrounding Bilogora hills.


Scenic Mura-Drava confluence

The larger part of this natural paradise is protected as a part of the Special Ornithological Reserve Veliki Pažut. The Halasz Csarda excursion site with a beach is located at the confluence of two rivers.

Meadows in Zovje – nature monument

This meadow, classified as a small zoological site in the category of nature monuments, is one of the rare habitats of the protected butterfly species Maculinea teleius (scarce large blue butterfly) and Maculinea nausithous (dusky large blue butterfly).

Šoderica Lake and view of the river from the bridge in Botovo

Šoderica Lake is a popular tourist attraction in Podravina for relaxation, recreation and swimming. The Drava riverbed is located next to the lake while the best view of the river is from the nearby bridge.

Koprivnica – open-air museum

Koprivnica is the centre of the Croatian food and pharmaceutical industry, and one of the most beautiful small continental cities in Central Europe with a picturesque town centre.


Start your bike tour in Koprivnica and, cycling through Podravina, discover the picturesque area of the Regional Park Mura-Drava. Enjoy the best river views, experience the real “Amazon of Europe”, unwind next to romantic lakes and let the mystical nature help you discover the artistic spirit of world-famous naive painters. Finish the day in the historic town of Đurđevac and treat yourself to delicious Podravina dishes and great wines from Bilogora hills.

Hlebine – the centre of the world-famous naive art

Hlebine is the cradle of the world-famous Hlebine School of Naive Art and home to some of the best works of local naive artists at display in local galleries.

Regional Park Mura- Drava – Gabajeva Greda and Komatnica

For the most beautiful access to the Drava river and the surrounding picturesque lakes, visit the area of Komatnica and Gabajeva Greda in the Regional Park Mura-Drava.

Marian sanctuary of Molve

Molve is a pilgrimage centre of Podravina dominated by a spectacular church (the so-called Podravina Cathedral), and the pilgrimage tradition is associated with the legend of the miraculous statue of Madonna from the 15th century.

Čambina – magical Prekodravlje

The significant landscape of Čambina is a U-shaped wetland ecosystem developed from the former Drava river meander, which is characterized by an exceptional diversity of flora and fauna..

Wild Drava and magnificent Ješkovo Lake

Ješkovo Lake is a beautiful old Drava river U-shaped meander, popular among fishermen. The access to the widest Drava riverbed is located not far from the lake.

Čingi Lingi and Sekuline lakes, Drava as the “Amazon of Europe”

Čingi Lingi Lake is a perfect spot for recreation and swimming, and Sekuline lakes for fishing and relaxing. Repaš bridge, which offers spectacular views of the Drava river, the so-called “European Amazon”, is located nearby.


Discover the only Croatian desert and the magnificent surroundings of the Regional Park Mura-Drava. Explore the old town of Đurđevac and the breathtaking Drava river area. Don’t miss out on the river’s unique sandbars, backwaters and old meanders. The impressive ethnological collections are also a real treat. Finish your day in Pitomača enjoying a relaxing evening. Try some of the mouth-watering delicacies of Podravina and glorious wines from nearby hills.


Đurđevac sands

The only Croatian desert is located near Đurđevac. This area has been declared a special geographical botanical reserve and is home to unique sandy vegetation.

Old town of Đurđevac

This fortress is a unique example of a medieval military stronghold and is famous for the Legend of the Rooster. It tells the story of the Ottoman attack on the fortress and the ingenious way in which the people of Đurđevac thwarted the attack.

Novo Virje – Lake Drnić and the captivating Drava river surroundings

The charming settlement of Novo Virje with mesmerising accesses to the Drava river is a real treat for all nature lovers. The nearby Drnić Lake is perfect for a peaceful recreation. The Čarda excursion site with the beautiful old Drava meander is also close by.

Picturesque village Brodić

This beautiful settlement is a proof that people and nature can coexist. Explore the life in the countryside as it once was and experience the strength and beauty of the Drava river on a boat trip.

Ethnographic collection of Josip Cugovčan and Podravske Sesvete

This settlement is home to the rich ethnographic collection Cugovčan and an ecological peace garden. The Karaula Mekiš excursion site is also close by and the location is ideal for exploring the nature along the Drava river.

Kloštar sands – the authentic Croatian desert experience

For an authentic experience of “Croatian Sahara”, visit the location not far from Draganci. This location has a stretch of pure sand and it will give you the real feel of life in the desert. Beautiful lake Batinske is also nearby, especially popular among anglers.

Photography: Goran Šafarek

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